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In our shop you have the possibility to order without the creation of a customer account or you may create an account first and then order with this account. If you create an account you can use this account for all future orders.

The bold fields are obligatory and have to be filled out.

Orders / basket:

On some articles questions regarding the cars equipment are asked. You have to answer these questions in order to put the article into the basket.

Depending on the cars equipment you might need additional articles.

There are three different categories:

1.      equipment-related articles: these articles are obligatory in order to use some of our articles, for example headlight washer caps for cars without headlight washer system.

2.      non-equipment-related articles: these articles are also obligatory in order to use some of our articles, for example fog light mesh inserts.

3.      optional articles: these articles can be combined with other articles but are not obligatory, for example LED daytime running lights.

The additional articles are asked in this order.

The obligatory articles are definitely needed along our parts but since most of these articles are OEM parts it is up to you if you order the parts from us or get them elsewhere.

If you want to order one of the additional parts just mark the field „order“ and insert the wanted amount.

If you do not want to order the part simply click „continue“.

After that either the next question is asked or the needed accessory parts are shown, please proceed as above.

After that the available optional articles are shown, please proceed as above.

Then you will see some kind of summary, please confirm by clicking “add to basket”.

A pop-up of the basket will follow, now the parts are added to the basket.

Now you can choose between „ check-out“ and „show basket“.

If you click “check-out” you will get to the next order step “choose address”. You then have the possibility to login (if you have a customer account), set up a new account or to order without registration.

If you click „show basket“ you get to the basket overview in which you have the possibility to add or remove articles or change the wanted amount. If you then click “next step” you will get to the ordering step “choose address”.

Payment options:

All payments have to be made in advance, the following payment options are available:

1.      payment via bank wire transfer

2.      payment via credit card (Mastercard and VISA)

3.      payment via PayPal

Please tell us the preferred payment option in the „your message“ box.


After-order procedure:

After you have placed the order you will automatically receive an order confirmation via email with an order summary.

Please notice that this order confirmation is not yet the final proforma invoice!

After we have processed your order you will receive the proforma invoice with the total amount, including the transport costs and also the delivery / production time of the parts.

This usually takes up to max. two working days. If you have not received the proforma invoice within this time please contact us again.

Because of the many articles and the different transport costs to different countries it is not possible to list all exact transport costs in the shop but of course you may inquire the transport costs at any time.

There are three shipping options:


  1. shipping via parcel service (door-to-door delivery) for small parts.
  2. shipping via truck forwarder (door-to-door delivery) for big parts
  3. shipping via airfreight forwarder (door-to-airport delivery) for big parts 

Shipments via airfreight forwarder can only be send to any international airport, from there you will have to pick up the parts and also make the customs clearance.

All prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping.